Suffolk's history is fascinating. Visitors can enjoy such remarkable places as the Anglo-Saxon 'burial ground of kings' at Sutton Hoo, the reconstructed Anglo-Saxon village at West Stow and the great castles at Orford and Framlingham. There are many outstanding parish churches. But there is much more to Suffolk's past than first meets the eye.

Suffolk's story goes back over half a million years. One of the earliest human occupation sites yet discovered in Britain lies on the east coast, at Pakefield. Many other finds have been made in the county's farmland, as well as on the coastal heathlands and in the brecks and fens in the west of the county. The Institute is interested in all aspects of this story.

We have assembled a 'time line' of twenty-five important Suffolk sites, ranging in date from 650,000 years ago to the early 20th century.

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