Wed Oct 25 1000 on Zoom: John Craig, Puritanism and reading - reconstructing the library of William Dowsing
Sat 11 Nov 1400 at Elmswell: Geoffrey Robinson, Restoring an [sic] historic Suffolk painting - Captain John Henniker-Major of the Loyal Worlingworth Volunteers 1798-1802 (+council)
Sat 25 Nov 1400 on Zoom: Keith Briggs, The Ipswich ancestors of Geoffrey Chaucer
Sat 09 Dec 1400 at Elmswell: Victoria Clark, Shrublands and the Middleton family

Sat 13 Jan 1400 at Elmswell: Phil Roberts, The life and death of Cardinal Wolsey (+council)
Wed 24 Jan 1000 on Zoom: Louise Kennedy, Easton Bavents c.1480-1680 - a study of community, kinship, and coastal erosion
Sat 10 Feb 1400 at Elmswell: Tony Redman, The stones of Suffolk and some of the people who formed them 
Sat 25 Feb 1400 on Zoom: Edward Martin, Life and death in the Bronze Age
Sat 09 Mar 1400 at Elmswell: Joanna Caruth, title to be announced (+council)