Travelling through Time: Suffolk on the move

This one-day conference was held at The Hold, Ipswich on 2022-09-24.   It considered aspects of travel in the past and their impact on Suffolk’s heritage from Roman Roads to the Age of Steam.


Dr James Albone - Roman Roads in Suffolk and their landscape legacy.
Prof Richard Smith - Suffolk’s waterways, roads and railways in national comparative historical perspective: A GIS-based study.
Prof Craig Lambert - Maritime Suffolk: Ships, Trade, and Maritime Communities, c.1565-c.1585.
Michelle Mandry - River Stour Navigation: the spirit of a working river and its legacy.
Dr Simon Bradley - Suffolk's railways: a historical excursion.


Dr James Albone: an archaeologist and historian, now an Inspector of Ancient Monuments with Historic England, whose PhD research was on the ‘Roman Roads in the Changing Landscape of Eastern England. c.410 – 1850’.
Richard Smith: Emeritus Professor of Historical Geography and Demography and fellow of Downing College, Cambridge. Past President of the Economic History Society.
Craig Lambert: Associate Professor in Maritime History at the University of Southampton who has written extensively on maritime logistics, maritime trade, merchant shipping, and maritime communities, c.1300-c.1600.
Michelle Mandry: Administrative Assistant with the River Stour Trust.
Simon Bradley: joint editor of the Pevsner Architectural Guides, and author of several volumes in the revised Buildings of England series, as well as the Sunday Times 2015 history book of the year The Railways: Nation, Network and People.