SIAH Rendlesham site visit 2021-09-07

SIAH is a partner in the Rendlesham Revealed project and a visit was arranged for members.

The tour led by Chris Scull was fascinating, illustrating the archaeological challenges of identifying, excavating, and recording features on well-drained sands, and the logistical ones of working with community volunteers in such exposed and unsheltered conditions. This is a site which requires getting one's eye attuned to the soil conditions, aided by an impressive programme of bulk-sieving.

Features included an extensive D-shaped (probably Iron Age) enclosure on the north side of the stream valley, and clusters of sunken-featured buildings which could have been lifted straight out of West Stow, though some of the industrial pits and hollows looked a bit more specialised.

This season is the precursor to investigation next year of the presumed royal settlement further to the south, intriguingly and perhaps significantly located around the later manor house and parish church.

Adrian Tindall

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