John Fairclough: former SIAH Hon. Secretary


Suffolk education advisor, historian, archaeologist and teacher John Fairclough has died, aged 75, after a short battle with cancer.

Mr Fairclough first moved to Ipswich in 1972 to take up the role of Museums Education Liaison Officer after studying Classics at Oxford University and spending 5 years teaching classics at Ampleforth College and Royal Grammar School, Guildford.

For over 25 years he was well known for his continued efforts of promoting to schools the educational benefits of Museums across Suffolk and for many Ipswich school children he would have been the face of Ipswich Museum and Christchurch Mansion when they visited on school trips.

In the late 70's and early 80's he was pioneering in his approach to students and Living History Projects by reconstructing the past with children, through being one of the first to create environments at historic sites through which school children were able to fully immerse themselves in a full day of role play and drama. There will be many Suffolk students of this period who will no doubt fondly remember their day of costumed role play at Heveningham Hall, Orford Castle and Christchurch Mansion.

For many years he was an extra-mural lecturer for Cambridge University, UEA and WEA on a wide of variety of subjects related to East Anglian History and Archaeology.

He actively pursued his interests in local history and archaeology and as well as being one of the original trust members and the Vice Chairman of Ipswich Archaeology Trust, he also spent time as the Hon. Secretary of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History, producing a number of published articles on matters of local history that interested him.

As well as this he was also a published author in his own right. His 2010 book "Boudica to Raedwald, East Anglia's relations with Rome" was a reappraisal of seven centuries of East Anglia's relations with Rome, with thorough detailing given of landscape usage over time, the economy, the development of communities and the surviving elements of long history that are still evident today.


Funeral: Thursday 5th April 2018 midday, Seven Hills Crematorium, Nacton, Ipswich.