John Gambart Webb, M.A., F.R.Hist.S., 1925-2016

The SIAH is in receipt of another large legacy. John Webb has left approximately £30,000 to the Institute to be spent as it sees fit. His name will be known to few people now but the Suffolk Bibliography (1979) lists eight works by him dating from 1955 and he wrote a number of other articles for the PSIAH and the Suffolk Review.

            For much of his career he was senior lecturer in history at Portsmouth College of Education, but he will be remembered as an historian of Ipswich and particularly of maritime Ipswich in the early modern period.   Two volumes of his works were published by the Suffolk Records Society in 1962 and 1966, Great Tooley of Ipswich and Poor Relief in Elizabethan Ipswich (SRS volume IX).

            John Webb’s name will forever be linked with the history of sixteenth-century Ipswich and the Institute is now considering how best to commemorate his name in spending his generous legacy.


[posted November 2018]