Famous Graves: a ‘Who’s Where’ of inspirational figures from UK history

Funeral Zone’s Famous Graves Finder is a Whos Whereof inspirational figures from UK history

Where was King Arthur buried and nurse Florence Nightingale laid to rest? Did you know that Lord Nelson’s coffin was made from a ship – and where does it lie?  Now, you can discover where someone who made history is sleeping for all eternity – and it could be in a town or place near you.

The graves of 50 famous people who made helped Britain great have been pinpointed on a fascinating new interactive map to explore. The UK’s Famous Graves Finder is a voyage of discovery around the nation’s hidden churchyards and famous burial sites, which celebrates the late, the great and local heroes who made history.

The Famous Graves Finder (www.funeralzone.co.uk/famous-graves) includes 50 musicians, artists, poets, military heroes and inventors, who are just the first to feature on the map. You can search by famous name or simply click on the map to discover who’s where and begin a journey of discovery.

With the help of fans, history buffs and literature-lovers, the Famous Graves Finder is set to grow and grow, as cemetery tourism becomes an increasingly popular pastime in the UK.

Whether it’s a famous footballer who led your local team to national victory, or a local hero who proudly called your city, town or village home, anyone who helped make the nation what it is today can be nominated to feature on the UK’s Famous Graves Finder. It could even be an opportunity to mark the lives of forgotten heroes, or glorious eccentrics from the past.

It’s also a chance to keep many fascinating stories and legends alive, as well as inspire you to get out and explore. There are hundreds of historic graves to be found among the UK’s wealth of curious cemeteries, bucolic burial grounds and majestic national monuments.

The Famous Graves Finder has been launched by Funeral Zone, the UKs online resource for the bereaved.

Funeral Zone’s Jessica Hanson said: “We want to celebrate the great, the good and local heroes who deserve wider recognition, from the distant and recent past. We’re hoping people will explore the Famous Graves Finder and be inspired to discover these famous graves for themselves.

“We’re also asking, who have we missed? We’re hoping people will let us know about the graves of important figures and where to find them in their local area. However long ago they died, their stories are part of the nation’s living legacy. We want to put their final resting places on the map.”



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