Cupola House, The Traverse, Bury St Edmunds: Listing

Cupola House, The Traverse, Bury St Edmunds

Members may recall the disastrous fire of 2012 which destroyed a large part of this building, an exceptional structure of 1693 built for Thomas Macro, apothecary. Re-building and reconstruction are now complete and the property is re-opening as a restaurant once again.


However, its status as an historic building worthy of Grade I recognition is being questioned by historian Dr Pat Murrell, as so little of the original now remains. Dr Murrell acted as historical consultant during an earlier restoration and has a detailed archive of notes and photographs from this time. These were available to, but not used by, the architects in the recent re-building.


 Historic England has said that the listing is not currently being reviewed, but anyone interested in seeing this happen could apply via its website to have it considered.  and search Cupola House, Bury St Edmunds.

East Anglian Daily Times has published an article on this topic on Fri 5th May, see:  and search Cupola House