Free Images from Suffolk Record Office

Free images


In return for the donation made by SIAH towards the cost of the new Hold in Ipswich, Suffolk County Council/Suffolk Record Office has granted SIAH the right to 50 free images:-


This right includes the following:-


1.         A copy of the image to be taken using your own camera or the SRO scanner;


2.         An investigation into any third party rights in the image and any additional permissions that might be needed to publish the image; and


3.         Publication of the image in hard-copy or electronic form.


This will be of great help to those who use such images for PowerPoint presentations or in books.  It is not intended for those who simply want to copy images for their own personal study.  Rights will be granted on a first-come-first-serve basis and are limited to five images per member.  Members must be of at least three years standing when they request rights.  Requests should be addressed in advance of making the copy to our chairman Nick Amor (, with details of the images to be copied and the use to which they will be put, who will then advise SRO of the request.


This grant is subject to the following conditions: -


  • Suffolk Record Office cannot grant permission for reproduction of images where it does not own the rights.


  • Suffolk Record Office retains all rights it may have in the image and its future reproduction.


  • Suffolk Record Office is neither bound to nor intending to make a similar concession again in the future.


  • This offer of 50 free images is made on a “one-off” basis to represent an acknowledgment of support provided by SIAH.